Monday, June 1, 2015

traveling to Agua Verde

 I have been way too slack about the blog. Bandwidth in Mexico can be hard to achieve so now I am in Indio, California using LJ's internet. We left the boat in San Diego ,California on a mooring. The bash from Cabo took 16 days as we were stuck  in Bahia de Tortugas for 7 days waiting on a weather window. After leaving Mazatlán we traveled to the Sea to spend about a month. My favorite place was Agua Verde, which means green water. I will jump around the sea as I add to the blog so the timeline will be off but the pictures speak for themselves.
 We traveled with two other boats. On Air , Burton and Debby  and dog Zula and June and Dennis on the Shamaness. On Air is the Piver Tri.
 Local resident in Agua Verde
 Le Chat Beaute at anchor, notice the beach umbrella. Shade is a good thing in the Sea.

A crested night heron was a frequent visitor to the boat.

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