Friday, January 8, 2016

Sunsets in La Cruz, Mexico

 While staying in La Cruz to prepare the boat for the Pacific Crossing , sunsets each night are usually quite breath taking. Definite eye candy here most nights.

 Even cloudy days, present a grand view.

Oh, sunrise is not to bad in Banderas Bay either.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

September 15th

 Septembre 15 is actually the Mexican Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo is actually just a celebration of the battle of Veracruz. It appeared for the parade everyone in town was in the parade. Citizens of all ages participated.

 This group of young men from a local athletic club built human pyramids when ever the parade slowed.

 The military had the K9 Corps out in force.
Interesting parade float. The Army suspended a line between two trucks. As the truck moved down the parade route a soldier would climb between the trucks. They had a safety harness but none was needed.

Sea of Cortez

 I have been errant in keeping up with the blog. We plan to head for the South Pacific this Spring so a lot of STUFF has been pushed to the back burner. We came down from San Diego with the 2015 Baja Ha Ha, a cruisers rally. The stops at Bahia de Tortugas, Bahia Santa Maria were great get togethers. That being said....Being at sea with 100 other boats at night in close proximity was not a high point. For many it was the first extended passage so a lot of newbies. Enough said.

The Sea never disappoints. Very few others and the scenery is awe inspiring.
 Moon rise over a tourist camp on Espiritu Santo. The only way to this spot is by boat from La Paz. Not sure about cost but was told it was up market for tent living.
Another vista in the sea.