Saturday, September 12, 2015

San Diego and on the Boat!

The pride of The San Diego Maritime Museum
The Star of India

 One of the visiting tall ships.
 HMS Surprise. This vessel was featured in the movie Master and Commander.Very authentic except on gun deck the walkway around the twelve pounders did not exist.
 Surprise at the gun deck.
 A Russian submarine that was built in 1972. One of the last non nuclear subs built by the major powers.
 Inside the sub. While in New London I toured an old diesel boat and was amazed at how cramped the quarters were.This submarine was spacious by comparison. The Ohio Class of todays fleet are huge by comparison.
 On board the replica of America, built in 1965 was a copy of the schooner that one the Auld Mug for the first several times and became the Americas Cup.
 In the main salon were the half models of past Americas Cup winners.

 Another view of the Russian attack sub. Built in 1972.

 Skyward on the Star.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mesa Verde

 The office of the Mesa Verde National Park has a decidedly SW look. After leaving Bryce Canyon we decided to visit the Mesa Verde National Park in NW Colorado. Our first choice was Chaco but it was 60 miles down a dirt road so Mesa Verde was the destination. On a motorcycle dirt roads do not equal fun.  It was a stunning ride up the mountains on paved roads. We were dodging rain squalls the entire way but made it to the park without getting wet.
 The pueblo is well protected from the elements as well as potential enemies. Historians are unsure why the mesa was abandoned but it appears a seven year drought may have been a big part of the decision to leave.
 No indication of a drought this time as the stream was flowing and foliage looked healthy.