Thursday, July 26, 2012

Road trip

Currently off the boat for hurricane season and traveling around the Pacific NW and Canada on the Harley. Plan to go to Florida to fish for grouper and scallops. Will post photos soon.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Antigua from above

 Antigua from the park and museum at top of the ridge.
 The best example of a cell phone tower I have ever witnessed.From a distance it is hard to determine it is not a tree.

 Sky Restaurant and bar. Agua in background
The local Laundromat.

More Antigua

 The church at the East side of Parque Central
 Fireworks are great for scaring away demons on Corpus Christo
 The arch in a restored mission . This was a display of artwork by children.
 Outside the art show were pictures of the Faces of Guatemala.
 Other side of Parque. I love arches!

Women building one of the pathways for the procession during Corpus Christo. During Seman Santa(Easter) the construction of the pathways is very elaborate.

 The procession.
 We toured a museum and this was a fresco in a part that mass is still held.
 Entrance to the Hotel/Museum.
 Another shot of Los Arcos.

The local craft market.