Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Panama City

 Panama City, sometimes called the Little Miami is no longer. It has surpassed Miami for the spot light of Central and S. America. A new subway under construction and the city is boiling with new construction. This building looks like a penis from a distance. The architecture in this city is cutting edge.
 Another tower going up. Not unusual to see 100 story residential towers.
 Cinco de Mayo area. About 10 blocks of no traffic. You can buy almost anything in this area if you know where to look.
There are three different buildings be constructed in this picture. I have never seen this much activity in a city.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Panama Canal Transit

Allen and Patricia, our good friends from the Cat Nauti Nauti, helped as line handlers for our transit.

Shelter Bay Marina. We were measured and did our prep here.

Plenty of traffic getting to the Gatun Locks.

Closing the Lock

Shelter Bay was a peaceful place. Under US control it was Fort Stewart and was a lush jungle enviroment.

The Centanario Bridge. This is just before the Pedro Miguel Locks. From the Atlantic, the first locks are the Gatun. We spent the night in Lake Gatun then at 0630 headed across the the lake 28 miles to the Pedro Miguel Locks. After crossing Lake Miraflores we entered the two Miraflores Locks and were in the Pacific.

This tour boat down locked with us into the Pacific. She appears to be built in the 1920s.

The Miraflores Museum overlooks the locks and we were the show for the day. The railing was lined with people.

Portobelo, Panama

 The view from Capt. Jacks a backpackers that has the only internet in town.
 Portebelo is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Unfortunately they have allowed their city to deteriorate and what could be really exciting comes off as grungy. Too Bad.Litter everywhere and conditions you would not normally see in an Historic site.The above building is the customs house dating from the 1600s.
 This bridge dates from the 1600s and the banks are covered with plastic bottles and the bridge is decaying. A real shame.
Le Chat Beaute under the guns.Portebelo was the shipment point for all the gold and silver extorted from the natives in S. America.three forts defended what is an excellent harbor. It was conquered by British Admiral Verno. Pirate Henry Morgan and Sir Francis Drake, who succumbed to yellow fever and is buried offshore.

Swimming Pool at the Holandes Cays

 The water is so clear here and the deep blue the bottom looks like a swimming pool, hence the nickname. Very nice spot to hang.
Lots of fish in the crystal clear warm water.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

East Lemons, isla limon

 On the trip from San Andres the autopilot was making very strange sounds. I took it completely apart and Voila...the magnets on the motors had come loose. A little JB weld and go to go.
 The anchorage

 The water hole on the island. Brackish but good for clothes washing.
 Kuna Hut
 Allen of Nauti Nauti claiming his piece of paradise at low tide.

Transit Panama Canal

We will be transiting the Panama Canal This weekend. We will go through the Gatun Locks today and through the Miraflores before noon tomorrow. We will spend the night moored in Gatun Lake.

Porvenir, Kuna Yala

 The local transport in the Kuna Yala, San Blas Islands, Panama
 Le Chat Beaute at anchor waiting to complete the check in process. Total costs, cruising permit $193, Kuna Yala Permit  $30, Immigration Stamps $100
End of the island of Porvenir. Not a good anchorage so we moved right after check in.

Monday, March 11, 2013

San Andres

 While waiting for a weather window to the San Blas aka Kuna Yala we decide to stage at this little island in the channel to San Andres. San Andres has been a good stop. Interesting to watch another culture do the Hawaii type vacation thing. San Andres is an island off the coast of Nicaragua that belongs to Columbia.
 Allen of the sailing cat Nauti Nauti waiting for our agent to clear us into the port. An agent is required in San Andres.
 San Andres.
 On the island the touristas come out and play with the rays. The rays show up everyday at 1600. I did notice any feeding to entice the rays.
 This may be my next method of entertainment. KITE BOARDING! San Andres is a mecca for the sport as the waters are reef protected and always an onshore breeze.