Tuesday, January 29, 2013


During hurricane Andrew some lion fish escaped from the Miami Aquarium. . They are now threatening reefs all over the Caribbean. They are native to SE Asia and have no natural enemies in the Caribbean. So divers have been spearing them and feeding them to sharks to encourage the sharks to hunt the fish.

Isla Provodencia, Columbia

 A beautiful sunset at sea. The trip to the island started out slow as we had a 150 nm slog to weather before we turned the corner at Nicaragua. After the way point it was all down wind. Two reefs and twenty knots of wind we averaged seven knots. The seas were building so sometimes surfed over 10 knots.
 The harbor.
 The floating bridge that connects the island of Santa Catalina to Provo. No vehicles on Santa Catalina. Just pedestrians. Very Nice!
Infamous Morgan"s Ass. Many sites on the island are named after pirate Henry Morgan.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Diving Isla Providencia, Columbia

We left Roatan for our epic voyage that will get us to San Francisco by July. A lot of miles to travel. Our first stop is Providencia(heaven) ,a beautiful island off the coast of Nicaragua. The island is governed by Columbia which is 400 miles to the south. Nicauragua feels the island and surrounding waters show be their territory. A case is currently in the world court.

This island was the hangout for the pirate Henry Morgan. He launched the attack on Portebello from here with 1200 men. The island is rich in the hanging of pirates and burning of Protestants.

  Our first dive was at Felipe's Place. This Jack followed us for the entire dive.He /she was very inquisitive.
 Dancing with Stars?
 Local inhabitant.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Paya Bay Resort

 Another view from a bliss station.
 YOGA room overlooking the bay. Elly on Zeppelin is trying to organize a yoga retreat here at the eco resort.
A lizard native to only the Bay of Islands.

Paya Bay

 Some of the rooms at the Paya Bay Eco Resort. We went here for lunch on a very blustery day. The rain stopped long enough for us to hike the grounds. The previous day a Buddhist group had been there for a retreat for over a week.The place is designed to promote BLISS.
 Beach side Palapas.
 A bliss station. Sat in the chair and daydreamed for awhile. These one and two seat sites are scattered throughout the grounds.
 Local fisherman using age old method of sailing down wind.
Another bliss station.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Underwater Roatan

 This a Spotted Drum. A very shy fish that likes to hide and when approached darts around making it hard to photograph.
 Another boring Roatan dive scene.
 The coral here is very healthy!
 This a King Crab. The carapace was about 12 inches across. Notice the enormous pincers.
 Healthy Reef!
Wayne of Zeppelin having a face off with a grouper. After this encounter the grouper followed us for twenty minutes and swam underneath Elly. IT would swim a foot below her belly and mimic her every move.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Diving Roatan

 Christmas Eve with Wayne of SV Zeppelin ,Charley, Jan , Queenie and Paddy.
 Friendly natives
This spotted eagle ray was curious and sailed right over Elly and I while we were diving.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seafood Market, French Cay

Went to the seafood market but the manager was not very cooperative!Unfortunately after taking this video my Go Pro Hero dive enclosure failed to keep out the water. Used twice and the result. Still waiting to hear from the makers.