Saturday, January 31, 2015

Beach Day La Cruz

 Marlene and John live in La Cruz and have taken us on a beach day several times. Playa Distilledaro isa about 10 kilometers north of La Cruz. It is a favorite spot of the local gringos and Mexicanos that live in the area. Marlene is shown next to some local artwork at her home.
 John and Marlene's pool.
 The full name for the town of La Cruz is La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. This is a huanacaxtle tree. They used to be very prevalent in the area. This tree is in the town park and provides very nice shade.

 Marlene and her Daughter Jennnifer. Bought a new camera and still trying to work out the details.
 All the proper tools for a day at the beach.

Additional Petros

 Possibly a self portrait.
 Queenie , April and young lad.
 Sunrise on Banderas Bay. The sun rises late here,about 7AM but is usually a visual affair.

Sunsets are usually pretty spectacular as well.

More La Cruz

 An ex cruiser wons a hpuse in La Cruz and once in awhile we go over and enjoy the pool.

 A women named April owns an adventure company that caters to cruisers. We joined her for the day and visited Alto Vista, a petroglyph park in the mountains north of Banderas Bay. As is the case with most sites like these very little is known about the people who made the markings in the stone. What is known is was created by shamans who were under the influence of mind altering drugs or so the story goes.
 Present day inhabitant of the park.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

La Cruz and the setting sun.

 After leaving Bahia Magdalena we talked about turning left at Cabo and going to La Paz. The trip down Baja was serene but never really warm. We decided we would give Cabo a pass and go straight to La Cruz and warm up and do the Sea of Cortez when the northers ended sometime in March. Good decision as it was in the 70s when we arrived in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. About 10 miles from Puerto Vallarta.
 Sunsets from our first day at the large anchorage in La Cruz. Counted 30 boats the first day.

Bahia Magdalena and beyond

 Another sunset
 Northern end of Bahia Magdalena.

 As we were leaving Bahia Magdalena this large monohull appeared and started to pass in shore. Out came our spinnaker and we clawed ahead. He challenged with a pink spinnaker and as the sun went down about eight hours later I lost him in the darkness. He did a horizon job on us quite skillfully.
National Geo day at Bahia Magdalena.

Onwards to Bahia Tortugas

On of the joys of being at sea! the sunrises and sunsets rarely disappoint!

Ensenada, Mexico

 Finally back in Mexico.
The big flag is welcoming for the cruise ships. At first thought it might have been to welcome us. We are back in Mexico as we would soon find out when we went to check in!

San Diego

 San Diego welcoming committee.
The Playa Anchorage aka A1.