Friday, August 29, 2014

Anacortes, WA

The boat was left in Cap Sante Marina in Anancortes while I was off to Alaska. When I returned Queenie was anxious to get out of the "fishbowl". We went a couple miles to Saddle Bag Islands. Very nice and we had the anchorage to ourselves and a colony of 20 harbor seals. The island is so close to Anancortes that when people get here to take off, they are so anxious to get to the San Juan Islands they blow by this beautiful spot.

Spent a day there with plans to return then anchored out in front of the marinas in Anacortes.
 Anchored at Saddle Bag Is. I never tire of the view of Mt. Baker.
 Different state of the tide. We anchored in 28 feet on the south side of the island.
 Back in front of Anancortes in eight feet of water we watched the beer can races on Wednesday evening.

The only multi hull in the Races and the light of the setting sun forced me to take this picture. An end to a great day.

North to Alaska

After dropping off our guests I needed to get back to Anacortes, WA to put boat in a marina. I had a family emergency and needed to fly to Alaska. Wasilla to be exact. I was there for 5 days.
 The view from the front porch of Lynne and Jason's home.
 The neighbors who came by twice a day.
 Sandhill cranes came by as well.
To decompress I would take the canoe and travel on the pond.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nanaimo/Newcastle Island

After traveling from Princess Louisa we decided to drop our guests off in Nanaimo and let them catch the ferry back to Vancouver. The anchorage is off Newcastle Island. Lots of boats but plenty of room. You can also stay at the dock for $12 if you are less than 34 feet.. I t is wonderful to be on Newcastle and Nanaimo is only 5 minutes away by dinghy.
 One of the beautiful old buildings in Nanaimo.
 Original bastion in town center
 On Newcastle and freighter waiting to go into Nanaimo.

 Nanaimo in distance.
 The view while running the trails on Newcastle.

 The anchorage with floats in foreground.
 Newcastle was famous for its coal and high quality sandstone. Here we see the rollers used in the manufacture of pulp for paper.
 Old sandstone cutting machine
 Jill and Ray"s ferry to Vancouver.
 These bras on the pole are a tribute to the female dragon boat teams.
One of the trails on Newcastle Island.

Princess Louisa Inlet

Monday, August 25, 2014

Princess Louisa Inlet, BC

When cruising, a lot of places receive a lot of hype and rarely meet the expectations. Happy to report Princess Louisa exceeds expectations. The trip involves going through Jervis Inlet to Malibu Rapids, about 40 miles. The wind was blowing(in the right direction) and we were good with the tide so the trip was entirely under sail. Very rare since leaving Panama over a year ago.We actually slowed the boat down so we could hit Malibu at slack water.

Malibu Rapids is the entrance to Princess Louisa Inlet and the current at max ebb can exceed 8 knots, so planning is important in a sail boat. Although less than a quarter mile in length the rapids have a dog leg and at slack low are narrow. Much better on the flood if able to do so.After  the rapids it is just 5 miles to the Falls.
 Jervis Inlet
 Jervis Inlet

Le Chat Beaute anchored in front of Chatter Box Falls.

Ganges Harbor, Saltspring Island

 Before arriving in Vancouver we stopped at Ganges. Really liked this town. Nice parks and very island time feel. Would have liked to stay longer but needed to get to Vancouver to Meet Jill and Ray.
Rich peoples dinghy.

On to Vancouver, BC

 As we approached Vancouver the evidence of a world class city began  to appear on the horizon. Lots of tankers and bulk carriers. We just skirted the Spanish Banks and it got shallow very quickly. Once back inside channel, plenty of water. The buoys are right on the edge of the Banks.
 The city starting to come into view. We chose to anchor in False Creek. Near Yaletown and site of the Worlds Fair.
 Sundown and sundowners.
The purpose for going to Vancouver was to pick up Jill and Ray Thomas, from Florida for a two week holiday into Desolation Sound.This was Snug Harbor on Bowen Island. About 11 miles from Vancouver. The Union Steamship Marina.