Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

No work today or until Monday for that matter. I had planned to travel for the holidays but in the end decided just to hang out around the Central California Coast. I went to Avila Beach on Christmas to see the Pacific and do some reading while the surf crashed on the shore. Do miss the sounds of the ocean after the two months spent here as a grass combing lubber, oh well another couple of months and I will be back on the boat.

Avila was destroyed not too many years ago by an oil spill so has lost its old world look because the oil company responsible had to completely rebuild the town and beaches as compensation to the area. Everything is new in the downtown area and it is a shame as this town is a backwater with only one way in and out from US 101. Could have been quite interesting before the rebuild.

Drove to Montana de Oro State Park and overlooked Morro Bay. I am trying my hand at a video so take a look if you can work it. Happy New Year!