Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ultimate Crank

Those that have been following the exploits of Le Chat Beaute know I recently had hernia surgery. Well, NO MORE. I invested in the ultimate crank. A 28 volt 1/2 inch drive Milwaukie electric motor. Now I hoist the mainsail , lift the dinghy and roll in head sail with this amazing device. I purchased all parts on Ebay and Larry Johnson brought it from the outside on his last trip down to the boat. It easily lifts the dinghy with the 15 hp Yamaha attached. So no excuses now for not lifting at night. As we say...lift it, lock it or lose it!

Please notice I am wearing all my sun protection regalia.

Back in French Cay

 THE CHAIRS at Little French Cay

 Interior of the island is well done.
 The Bar at the beach
Not fond of caged animals but this parrot was enthralled with his picture on my Ipad.Would have liked to set him free. The color of the feathers can not be fully appreciated by the picture.

Little French Cay is a private island that is in the harbor next to all the cruising boats. They welcome yatistas if you buy a drink or two and it is a fantastic place to sit and read next to the reef.

Monday, April 2, 2012

French Cay Harbor

Back from Cayos Cochino we had a perfect rade winds sail to French Cay Harbor. This place is home to a lot of cruising boats for the season. Provisioning is easy and Brooksy Point Marina is close and very accommodating to boats at anchor.

 Larry visiting the local residents.
 Old Fella
 Some hide in the trees and urinate on passerbys.
 Throw in a tortoise or two

While here we visited the local iguana rescue farm. Quite a spectacle!