Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

 Well we have finally made it to the last if not most difficult part of this voyage. Cabo and preparing for the Baja Bash. The city has changed a lot since I was here 7 years ago. The income distribution is much more equal than previous and it appears the economy in town is doing well.
 Finnesterre or lands end, a common postcard of the area.
 The Arco at finnisterre.l
 Captain of Shamess, Dennis Clifton negotiating his way around the marina.
 The Bomberos even have a dalmatian.
The flotilla waiting for the window to move north.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

 We sailed the over night to La Cruz and dropped anchor in the road stead. The next morning we dingyed into the marina and good deal #1 ....$26 all inclusive. So we took a slip in the marina and washed the boat. A first class marina, Marina Nayarit. If you have been reading this blog you may have noticed we rarely use a marina. I prefer the freedom and air flow that swinging on the hook provides and the view is always better. Lately here in Mexico it has been unusually cool, to the point we use blankets at night. Not the Mexico I remember.
 When I departed for the S. Pacific in 2006 from La Cruz they were just building the marina and associated buildings. I was saddened to think development had come to town and would destroy the ambiance and livability of La Cruz. While there is plenty of development around the waterfront just a few blocks back La Cruz maintains its old charm. In the above picture, the locals are having a Saturday night party so they just blocked off the street.
 Quiet streets in town.
 The cross from where the towns name derives.
 A landmark establishment is Philos Bar and music studio.That is Philo Hayward with arms up in the air. He cruised to the S. Pacific and got as far as New Caledonia, realized Mexico was the place for him and sold the boat and set up shop in La Cruz. His place has been a cruisers hangout for at least a decade. Philo does a lot of volunteer work for the community and tries to give back all he can. He sponsors a yearly Christmas Party for the children of La Cruz that is extremely popular with the locals.
The anchorage with the mountains surrounding Banderas Bay in the background.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Barra de Navidad

 We arrived in Barra about 0800 and had found a spot in the lagoon after an overnight-er from Zihuatenejo. I was wondering if the French Baker was still about. His almond croissants in 2006  were very delicious. At 0900 here he comes. We bought the croissants and some quiche. Excellent. Nice to stay on the boat and have fresh breads brought out by the baker.
 Le Chat Beaute in the lagoon in about 6 feet of water.
 After a day we wandered over to the Grand Bay Hotel and Marina. When I was here in 2006 the marina wanted about $3 per foot to use the marina. We checked it out. $30 per night all inclusive so we jumped on it and went into the marina. That also allowed us to use the Hotels facilities. It appears to be a 5 star resort.
 Some of the views.
 Towards Barra.
 Barra in the background.
 The lagoon anchorage.
 The ubiquitous pina colada
Another for the thirsty crew.

Friday, May 17, 2013

hitch hikers


 We are currently in Cabo San Lucas hoping for the wind to relax a bit so we can do the Baja Bash. So a little time to work on the blog. Above is a quaint church in downtown Zihuatenejo.
 Some of the property here is really over the top. The most expensive we have seen in a long time...until we got to Cabo.
 More luxury Condos
 Zihuatenejo is a really pleasant town to stroll. A bit more touristy than I like but enjoyable none the less.
 Planning has required any new construction must follow guidelines requiring verandas over the entrances to shops. So lots of shade while walking the streets.
 A lot of statuary depicting fishermen and their women are interspersed around the town.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hualtuco again

 While we where here a cruise ship arrived. Have not seen one of this beasts in awhile

Haultuco, Mexico

 On the big slog North we stopped on the other side of the Tehuanepec at Hualtuco, a very good stop.Wished we could have stayed a littl longer but we need to keep moving.This is the small park near the docks.
 Very clean streets and layed out nicely.
 Waterfront view approaching town docks.

Cano Island Dive in CR

This is a basking shark aka whale shark. It is about twenty feet long. The diving at Cano was fantastic but visibility was only 6-8 feet and current in spots was brutal. This behemoth just appeared out of the haze.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chiapas, Mexico

 As you cross the border into Mexico from Guatemala this Frigate awaits your arrival. I expected to be boarded but it must have been watch change. Lucky us! Normally all boats going North or South are boarded.
 Entrance to the port of Chiapas. Note the pescaderos in the tiny cayuco and the swell.
 The port is very industrial.
As the wet season is to start in May, the locals are doing the burn off like elsewhere in this part of the world.Makes for some interesting sunsets.