Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Palm Springs to Joshua Tree

 LJ and jumped on the bikes and drove the 20 miles out to the Oasis just outside Hot Springs. Barren except for this spot that straddles the San Andreas Fault. That is why there is water in the desert. The water oozes up through the fault.
 Larry and the sign.
 We drove over to Joshua Tree National Park and obvious why this place is so popular with rock climbers.
 Do my leathers make me look fat?

Run to Florida. Carlsbad New Mexico

While staying and prepping LCB for the winter....the winter started in Oregon! I decided to drive the Harley to Florida by the Southern route to hopefully avoid the cold weather moving in across most of the US.

I flew to Palm Springs and picked up the Harley at LJs house and planned to avoid the freeways whenever possible and stay on the US highway system. When in Roswell, NM I decided to visit the Carlsbad National Park.

The following pictures were from the underground caverns. My camera cannot even begin to describe the beauty of this park that is 750 feet below the surface. You can ride the elevator down if needed.
 These giant structures are in the main caveren that is about 4 football fields in size.

 The Park Service has installed lighting in order to be able to see.

I swapped out the Springer for a new road bike in Beaumont, Texas.