Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Tom and Amy of Sandpiper fame have swallowed the hook here in St. John!!!! They have purchased the tourist boat Sadie Sea and will be taking over the daily operations from Ben, the current owner. No money has changed hands but yours truly was in the bar when the deal was struck!

As you can imagine it is a big change from the sailing life to work a charter in the islands. I wish them all the best.

As you can see from their faces it was a shock.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Culebra, Spanish Virgins

Just Dave and I on the boat and St Thomas was getting old after Carnival we decided to follow the wind to the Spanish Virgins. We had a slow but comfortable sail over to the Town of Culebra on the island of the same name. I found the change from the US Virgins refreshing.

The language is Spanish mostly, and it is low key. We anchored in Ensenada Honda and the town is readily available and a cut in the coral allows access to the other side of the island. The cut is where the restaurants and Dinghy Dock Pub is located. A good watering hole for thirsty sailors! We also had an excellent meal at Mamacitas of spare ribs and Blackened grouper. For those of you that have never had grouper it is a firm white fish and quite tasty.

The next day we sailed over to Coyos de Pena which is a National Park with mooring balls so the coral and sea grass does not get destroyed. Great snorkeling and a very comfortable anchorage and beautiful scenery with the typical sunset slowing sinking into the sea with the mountains of Puerto Rico off in the distance.