Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When and If

While anchored on the wall of the Naval Academy, believe the guide book when it says it is a shitty anchorage, I was anchored next to When and If an 80 year old or there abouts schooner in great shape. Meant to inquire about here lineage but never got around to it.

Well it appears ,When and If was owned by General George Patton before the war. Named for when and if he came home. Those with a bit of history will know he did not.

The boat was almost broken up a few years ago but a couple of teachers saved her. My picture is of her at sunset in Annapolis. double click on picture for a larger view

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saint Michaels, Maryland

As I arrived a week early for the boat show it was getting to be a bit slow hanging out in Spa Creek. Decided to cross the Bay to the Eastern Shore and visit the town of St. Michaels. It is an easy 5 hour sail in the right conditions.

The town was easy on yachties as the grocery store and the entire town is within walking distance of the dinghy dock. Very picturesque and friendly stop.

Originally a oyster community and home to a great many skipjacks, the boats are mostly tourist rides but a number still rack for oysters. None of the skipjacks have motors as the law only allows harvesting without the use of power. So the boats have these 8-10 ft tug boats with small diesels that push them in and out of the dock and out to the oyster grounds if there is no wind. Once at the beds the tug is shut down and all work done under sail.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Boat Show!!!!

One of my major reason for hanging around Annapolis was to attend the US Boat Show. The largest in the water show in the world. It is indeed impressive what was accomplished in a few days to set up this event. Annapolis harbor is an alley in to the downtown area. It is commonly called "ego alley" as it is not uncommon for power boats with big engines to come in and turn around in the basin. Most of these boats are super expensive and usually support a bevy of attractive young women in bathing attire.

For the show, this area is closed off and docks are purpose built around sailboats for the displays. The amount of dock space built is impressive and accomplished in a short period of 2 days. The show itself has every imaginable vendor regarding boats there is. There were even vendors from New Zealand and Australia.

My new purchase from the show was a Sailrite sewing machine and canvas tools.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Annapolis, Maryland

Finally made it to Annapolis! Got the dates wrong for the boat show, so arrived a week early and have been on the hook in Spa Creek in 6 feet of water. Very exclusive area surrounded by expensive homes. The holding is reputed to be poor but the rocna anchor seems to be holding well.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

SSCA , Annapolis GAM

I joined the SSCA(Seven Seas Cruising Assoc) awhile back and was able to attend their annual get together in the area. A Gam is a get together where sailors share ideas and info. It hark ens back to the days of tall ships and whaling boats. Crews would meet on the high seas and heave to and get together and talk about where the whales were and other pertinent information. Pass on packages or letters or anything the inbound vessels could carry.

At this GAM there were speakers discussing SSB installs and Safety at Sea and of interest to all cruisers , good discussion of weather and tactics.

I was very pleased to meet Margaret Roth. She and her husband,Hal, were one of the first cruising couples and did a number of circumnavigations and cruising in the 70s. Hal is deceased but Margaret is going strong. She was selling and signing books the couple had produced over the years. One of the first cruising books I ever read was their book After 50,000 miles.

Leaving Norfolk

Passing thru Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake Virginia was an eye opener for this sailor. I have never seen so many factories or ships in all of my travels. This includes Singapore. Have since been told Norfolk is the largest Naval Base in the World. I can believe it! Saw a lot of light carriers and cruisers.

To go from the ICW to the Chesapeake is about a 20 mile trip, fortunately for me I hit the tide spot on and made good time. I did not plan this! I travelled just outside the green buoys in 50 ft of water. Have not seen that much water in a long time. Still because of the heightened security along the Naval Bases I needed to hug the bouys closely or the patrol boats would do the finger wagging thing.

At one point when I was being over taken by a freighter I moved far right and instantly the PBRs raced out to intercept but they soon figured out I had to move in close to their perimeter or be run over.


Although the ICW is still a ditch, in Virginia it is a bit wider and straighter, easier to put autopilot on and try and stay centered. Easier section as the Albermarle /Chesapeake Canal was straight as an arrow for about 15 miles.