Thursday, November 13, 2014

Half Moon Bay

 The first thing we saw as we came ashore was this beautifully restored T Bird. The trip down from San Francisco was perfect. Offshore breeze and minimal wave action
 View of the Pillar Point Harbor. The seas were flat and appears to be a good anchorage in the prevailing winds. Bottom was sand and holding very good.
 Lots of historical reading abounds in the harbor walk.
 Pillar Point and home of Mavericks. The Mavericks is a world famous surf break. The competition is held once a year and is open by invitation only. Competition this year is from January 1 until Marc h 31st. The twenty four Titans of Mavericks have 48 hours to be there when the 20 foot waves are forecast. Not for the faint of heart. check it out.
Different view that includes the Vandenburg tracking station. Used to track satellite launches from Vandeburg base ,south of Pt. Conception.

Leaving San Francisco

It has been a great stop , other than the crash. Could easily stay here if it was not so cold in the winter. The plan is to harbor hop down the coast and enjoy the cruising life style.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

LCB out of the water

 The railway that will be used to haul LCB.
 Different view of the carnage.
 Placing the frame work under bulkheads to prevent anymore damage.

Yours truly making ladder secure so we can spend weeks climbing a ladder on the Hard.


 Not exactly sure how many miles I have sailed but must be close to 20,000. Been pretty lucky until about Three weeks ago while transiting the Pinole flats. We struck number 10 buoy. All I can say is......not paying attention! Sailing with headsail off the wind and lost track of drift and well, there you go. Above is port bow. LCB has a crash bulkhead so no water intrusion but disheartening to say the least. Called some friends on Napa River, we were headed to their house, and they were sure we could get hauled at the Napa Valley Marina.
Looking down from the deck.