Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quepos/Manuel Antonio Park

 After leaving Golfito we had a sixty mile trip to our next stop at Quepos. The scenery was reminiscent of the Washington Coast.
 Le Chat Beaute at anchor off Quepos.
 It was sports day in the town and school kids doing the relay race.
 The entrance to the Park was rustic and wild like a jungle should be.
 The park consisted of three very beautiful and scenic beaches that were quite steep with an enormous shore break in spots.
 One of my personal favorite creatures.
Some views from the park looking out on the Pacific Ocean.

Las Secas Underwater

 Snorkeling here was very good. Some of the best I have seen in a long while. While the reef structure was not as developed as Roatan there were lots more fish.

Las Secas Islands

 Near our anchorage in the Secas. A wonderful stop on our attempt to move North. The islands of the Pacific side have been a real surprise. So much marine and wild life. Wish we had more time to spend here.
 Sunset at the anchorage .
 The morning.
 Our own beach.
 Queenie bird watching. Lots of different and beautiful birds to be sighted including Harpy Eagles.
 LCB at anchor. WE stayed here for three days and saw only one boat for half a day.