Monday, September 24, 2012

Yellowstone Park

On the way West from Sturgis I went more southerly than the outbound leg. I went through the Northern portion of Yellowstone. I had left Cody, Wyoming early so as to avoid the crowds but discovered that was not to be. Most of the trip through the Northern portion of the park was through an area burned about 15 years ago. The devastation was complete with the forest coming back nicely. The views were spectacular as a vista but greatly diminished by the fires.

 I was stopped by the road wondering what the holdup this time was when a motorcyclist next to me said it would be a good idea if I got off the bike and stepped away. He stated for some reason Bison do not like motorcycles, it was then i noticed the bison.
 As this male went by my bike I took a picture of him but he was so close and large all that came out was his side.He was out for his morning stroll.
 Bison family overlooking the tourists.
 Another vista in the park.
It is well known about the geologic diversity of the park . This rock rubble was a quarter of a mile from where I took the last picture.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Portland Rose Test Gardens

On a side trip to the Rose City(Portland) we decided to purchase a couple of splits and walk the grounds of the Rose Test Gardens in Washington Park. Even though the roses were lat e in the season it was still a wonder to the senses.

Rainbow Falls

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lake Chelan to Stehekin

 As I was in Northern Washington Highway 20 is the most enjoyable and scenic way to get across the Cascades. This highway is only open about six months most years due to an average of 20 feet of snow ,so the road is good and very scenic.
 This picture from Washington Pass Overlook shows Highway 20 as in goes through the chicane and heads down to Mazama.
 Another vista

 Lake Chelan at Stehikin. The lake is over 50 miles long and the only way to Stehikin at the western end is by boat or seaplane. We chose the boat.
 The public school at Stekin. A beautiful log cabin in the woods. Queenie and I rented bikes and rode to the shool and Rainbow Falls. While walking around the school grounds there was very fresh bear scat.

The biggest picnic table I have ever seen.


 Well all loaded and ready to set off for Sturgis South Dakota for the annual motorcycle rally.
 Made a side trip to view the Grand Coulee Dam on the mighty Columbia.
 Lookout Pass overlooking Helena, Montana. It was 48 degrees so very scenic but chilly riding up and down the mountains.
 Covina , Montana in the flat lands of Eastern Montana. Saturday morning only vehicles were the springer and an antique tractor. The inside of the store had the old tin ceiling and thin wood floor. Harks back to yesteryear.
 Monument at the Little Big Horn. George Custer and troops perished on this site. There were markers to show where the troopers fell. Custer's parts were buried at Westpoint. He was not complete when the Native Americans finished with him.
 The troopers killed 29 horses to use as breastworks during the battle and this marks the burial site.
 Downtown Sturgis, I have never seen so many bikes in my life.
 The ubiquitous party crowd at Sturgis.
 The Sturgis Library. I often judge the quality of a community by the library. Sturgis gets an A+. This was my sanctuary from the madness and a good place to charge devices.
The Full Throttle Saloon. A party venue during the Rally