Thursday, June 27, 2013


We decided to do the Bash in three parts. Cabo to Mag Bay, Turtle Bay then then to San Diego. I determined anything around 10-15 knots of wind was doable albeit a little slow going to weather. While rounding Cabo Falso we saw at least 25 knots and vigorous seas! That lasted for a couple of hours then 15-18 for the rest of the trip to Bahia Magdelena. It was slow going, about 4.5 knots , and we arrived there with all gear intact. The next two legs were much easier as wind never exceeded 12 knots the rest of the way.

For weather info I used Predict Wind, Buoyweather, Sailmail and a great new app. for the Ipad called Pocket Gribs. I highly recommend the latter.
 After the lushness of the tropics the Baja is stark and desolate in appearance. The marine and bird life was abundant.
 Approaching Turtle Bay.We stayed here three days waiting for the wind to lay down.A very good anchorage and great to stop over and stretch the legs.
It was very calm when we left Turtle Bay in the rear view mirror.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Catalina Island, California

Been awhile, we are currently anchored in Emerald Bay on the island of Catalina. Been here about a week working our way up the island. This is mooring ball heaven. Disgusting actually. We are anchored in 40 ft next to Indian Rock. Very hard to find anchor spots as the mooring balls are everywhere.

Tomorrow to LA so will be able to do a better update of the blog.