Sunday, December 28, 2014

Santa Cruz, California

 As you approach Santa Cruz the old wooden coaster is a big part of the beach scene.
 I wonder if they have enough life jackets?
 From the anchorage next to the pier you get to see all the goings on. A big bonus is the sea lions are living under the pier so you get to enjoy their incessant barking all night
 The sunsets on another great stop on the cruise.
View into beach from anchorage.

Santa Cruz Island

 Point Conception
Another beautiful sunset.

San Diego

 Right after we anchored in Playa (A-1) these ducks made an appearance. The A-1 anchorage is only available on the weekends or holidays. The A-9 cruisers anchorage was not available when e arrived but by the middle of the week there were 12 spots available. The Glorietta Bay anchorage is good for 4 days , anyday of the week.
The A-1 anchorage or La Playa. The nachorage was a great place to run, although dinghy landing not the greatest.

Morro Bay

 Approaching Morro Bay at sunrise.
 The rock or el morro. Name derived from Spanish and thr rock looks like a moors turban.

As we approached the rock a few sea otters were doing what sea otters do.