Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Circumnavigators Kelly Boy and Kelly Girl have swallowed the anchor. After talking to Kelly B he states they are moving to Phoenix, AZ and purchasing a house. They plan to store Moorea on the hard and travel to AZ. I wish them well and hopefully they will rise like the Phoenix and return to the cruising life style.

My fondest memory of Kelly Waterhouse and Kelly Waterhouse, thus girl and boy moniker, is after arriving in the Marquesas they launched their Walker Bay sailing dinghy after already sailing nonstop for 28 days! It goes without saying they can visit Le Chat Beaute anytime they want.

New Bern, North Carolina

For the soda pop fans out there New Bern might be known as the birthplace of Brads Drink. Caleb Bradham concocted a brew of coco and other nuts and spices, then mixed with carbonated water. A new name was needed so Pepsi Cola was chosen. Interesting that Coca Cola was first produced in Atlanta , not that far from New Bern.

New Bern is located at the confluence of the Trent and Neuse Rivers. New Bern is the second oldest city in America and was the original capital of North Carolina. Walking around the town which is quite pedestrian friendly reveals a lot of historic buildings and brick churches. I am in the marina in front of the Hilton and plan to move on in time to be at the Annapolis Boat Show.

Monday, September 7, 2009

More Valdez

Some more shots of Valdez

Fishing in Valdez

Here is a picture of Worthington Glacier located adjacent to the GlennAllen Highway.

Valdez is surrounded by mountains except for a narrow channel that empties into Prince William Sound. Very scenic and Beautiful vistas. Would love to return and see it with clear weather. Locals say the sun does shine but I have my doubts.


Took the trip North to visit Colleen and Lynne and their families. They live in Wasilla , about an hours drive north of Anchorage on the Park Highway. The weather was typical for this time of year. Gray. Colleen's husband, Gary , and I drove to Valdez to haul their boat home for the winter.

On the way we stopped and checked out the oil pipeline and a few glaciers. Alaska always amazes me with the enormous vistas. Truly Big Sky! We spent two days in Valdez fishing for silvers and caught three nice fish. The run was just ending but it was a very enjoyable time spent with Gary.

The week before the run was in full swing and everyone was limiting out. Our second day I caught a 4-6 pound fish but released it because I felt it too small. Needless to say that was the last fish we caught!


I needed to get back to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to visit family and friends. While there I left the boat in New Bern, NC.

I stopped in at the Port of Everett to visit the "Kellys". I have a link to their blog called Moorea. They finished their circumnavigation about 6 weeks ago and are trying to get back into the day to day foolishness that is stateside living. I wish them all the best. I know I struggle when I get behind the wheel of a car and face the horde.