Wednesday, December 19, 2012


 On the other side of Le Chat Beaute is Sherman Arch's Iguana Farm. We can dinghy over and take our food scraps to the iguana. They like pretty much anything green. They really like papaya.

The ALPHA Male.

Roatan, Bay of Islands

 After leaving Utilla we planned to sail to the West End of Roatan but the wind wind was NW and if was too rough for a cat! We pushed on another 12 miles to French Harbor. We spent 2 months last season in this area  so knew what to expect. Very easy life style here. We are anchored off of Little French Caye. The island is used as a day resort when the cruise ships are in town.
 View of the Little French Caye Resort. On Sundays they let cruisers use their facility for YOGA lead by Elly on Zeppelin.
 Wayne and Elly on Zeppelin like it here so much last year they stayed and start Zeppelin Dive and Sail.They are both instructors so the personal attention when out with them is unparalleled.
 Access to the Yoga palapa.
 Yoga palapa

 View of one of the beaches.
These are the toilets and notice the open air showers.

Utilla, Bay of Islands, Honduras

I had hoped to post some pictures of Utilla but it never stopped raining while we were there.We collected 60 gallons of water overnight. It was by far the easiest place I have ever checked into a country. For the both of us the cost was US $20. Quite reasonable after Belize and Guatemala.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lighthouse Atoll, Belize

 Half Moon Cay on Lighthouse was a very beautiful place to get away to on a perfect trades wind day. Half Moon is home to one of the few Red Footed Boo by populations on the planet. I t was nesting season and Frigate birds were getting into the act as well.
 Passageway thru the jungle to the bird viewing platform.
 The white birds are the boobies. The red birds are actually the air sac the male Frigate inflates to attract a mate. It can take up to twenty minutes for the male to fully inflate the sac.
 West End Halfmoon Cay
The remains of the old ligthouse can be seen lying in the water.