Wednesday, June 3, 2015

THE BASH.....Bahia de Tortugas

After rounding Cabo Falso to go north to San Diego there are very few really good anchorages on the Pacific side of the Baja. Once  past Cabo  Falso we never saw a white cap all the way to Turtle Bay aka Bahia de Tortugas. Normally on a bash I would stop at Bahia Santa Maria or Bahia Magdalena, but when it is calm you just keep going. We pulled into Bahia Tortugas and we were here for seven days waiting for a decent window to go North. 
Bahia de Tortugas is one of those places where you ask yourself why anybody lives there. Apparently there used to be a cannery set up upon the 19th century company town model. The workers threatened to go on strike to get paid and the owners closed the cannery . Jobs today revolve around the fishing industry.
 Turtle Bay is one of the few good natural harbors on the coast with almost a mile at the opening. We actually entered at night without any trouble.
 Northern point of the harbor.

 This orphan seal pup was a constant presence in town. Chuck and Jan of Wind Watcher were constantly trying to keep the pup off their boat. They sleep with the bottom hatchboard off and one night Chuck woke up and the seal had crawled into the boat and was snoring on the cabin sole. Took quite an effort to make the sleepy seal get out of the boat. The locals at the fuel dock have been feeding the seal and it will lay in your lap and sleep if you let it. I am not sure if it will make it as it is quite young to be separated from it's  mother but hopefully next Fall it will be there. I am not a big seal fan but this youngster does pull the heart strings.

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