Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cruisers Birthday

 The birthday boy. Dennis Clifton, 68 today and Captain of the Shamaness!
 Bike Week in Mazatlán and this is one of the characters.
 Mazatlán is a very large city with a quaint older section with many lovely old buildings.

 The church of the immaculate conception.
 No trip to Mazatlán is complete without a stop by the Mercado Pinos Suarez. Built in 1899 it has most of the original structure including cast iron columns. Meat ,clothing and vegetables and almost anything you need on a daily basis can be found if you know where to look.

 One of several meat markets or carneceria.
Lots of heads of pigs and cows about. Fresh head cheese is a specialty.
Menu of one of the restaurants on the second floor of the Mercado. 49 pesos or about $3.25 for a full meal including rice and beans.

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