Wednesday, December 19, 2012


 On the other side of Le Chat Beaute is Sherman Arch's Iguana Farm. We can dinghy over and take our food scraps to the iguana. They like pretty much anything green. They really like papaya.

The ALPHA Male.

Roatan, Bay of Islands

 After leaving Utilla we planned to sail to the West End of Roatan but the wind wind was NW and if was too rough for a cat! We pushed on another 12 miles to French Harbor. We spent 2 months last season in this area  so knew what to expect. Very easy life style here. We are anchored off of Little French Caye. The island is used as a day resort when the cruise ships are in town.
 View of the Little French Caye Resort. On Sundays they let cruisers use their facility for YOGA lead by Elly on Zeppelin.
 Wayne and Elly on Zeppelin like it here so much last year they stayed and start Zeppelin Dive and Sail.They are both instructors so the personal attention when out with them is unparalleled.
 Access to the Yoga palapa.
 Yoga palapa

 View of one of the beaches.
These are the toilets and notice the open air showers.

Utilla, Bay of Islands, Honduras

I had hoped to post some pictures of Utilla but it never stopped raining while we were there.We collected 60 gallons of water overnight. It was by far the easiest place I have ever checked into a country. For the both of us the cost was US $20. Quite reasonable after Belize and Guatemala.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lighthouse Atoll, Belize

 Half Moon Cay on Lighthouse was a very beautiful place to get away to on a perfect trades wind day. Half Moon is home to one of the few Red Footed Boo by populations on the planet. I t was nesting season and Frigate birds were getting into the act as well.
 Passageway thru the jungle to the bird viewing platform.
 The white birds are the boobies. The red birds are actually the air sac the male Frigate inflates to attract a mate. It can take up to twenty minutes for the male to fully inflate the sac.
 West End Halfmoon Cay
The remains of the old ligthouse can be seen lying in the water.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Finca Paraiso

 Paraiso is a short thirty minute collectivo ride from the Rio. We had 28 men women and children in this Toyota van on the way to the park
 The waterfall is actually warm/hot water flowing into the river. The geothermal pool is at the top of the falls.

Monday, November 12, 2012


 The first thing you encounter as you enter Tikal Park is the scale model. The place was enormous.Most of the Park is still covered by jungle. to uncover all the ruins would be a huge task of debris removal and disposal. So in order to show the temples the debris would destroy the countryside. So it was determined years ago to expose tops of pyramids and side of some of the buildings. Tikal was discovered in 1842.
 National tree of Guatemala, the ceiba.
 Gran Temple overlooking the Peten.
These new squares filled with water were placed all over the park. Apparently they are there for animals to get a drink. The Peten is a thin layer of top soil over limestone so water disperses quickly so very few watering holes. Jaguars, birds and monkees frequent these holes.

Flores Tikal

 Flores is built on a lake. Lago de Flores. Flores is the gateway to Tikal, a National Park and World Heritage site in the Peten Region of Guatemala. In Mexico the area is the Yucatan.
 A boulevard surrounds the town.
 We especially enjoyed the narrow streets that go up tp the church on the highest point of land.
 Building the Christmas tree in the town square.
Curious crocodile.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Back on the Boat!!!!!

 The boat has spent the summer at Tortugal Marina on the Rio. Very happy on our return a couple of weeks ago as the boat was well looked after by the staff. No mildew at all on LCB!
 The walkway above the jungle that will take you to the road to Fronteras.
 Finding my way back to the jungle.
Start of the jungle walk to the Marina. Most rips to town we take the dinghy as there are a lot of locations to securely leave the dinghy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Anti Pirate Device

A friend of mine owns this weapon, an apoohah, probably not correct spelling. Made in Finland it shoots a 50 cal round and is the sniper rifle that a marine in Afghanistan killed a combatant 1.5 miles away setting an all time record.Get the pirate bastards before they are even close!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

British Columbia

 WE crossed the border at Osoyoos , BC and drove to Hope for the night. In the morning we hit the road early and followed the Fraser River North. In this part of BC there are no passess to cross. One has to drive around the mountain!
 Another shot of the mighty Fraser.
 We left the Fraser near Liloloot and headed west. The road was dicey in a lot of places, narrow , broken and no lines. We stopped at Duffey Lakes, as you can see quite scenic.

 This one for the Ironworkers. Lion Gate Bridge as viewed from Stanley Park in Vancouver.
 One of the good things about traveling on a scooter as you go right to the head of the line at the ferries. Also reservations are not required.
 We saw a pod of orcas and everyone ran to that side of the ferry. THey were too far away to get a decent picture.Just have to trust me on this one.
Passing by Gabriola Island in the Gulf Islands on the way to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island.

Friday, October 12, 2012


 One very big fir tree in the Olympic Rainforest.We took the scooter on the back roads through the Forest and it should be on a bucket list. Mother Nature sure held us in awe.
 A nurse tree supporting new growth in the forest. A common sight.
 Worlds largest Spruce Tree.
 The tree was 60 plus feet in diameter.
Most parts of the Washington Coast are not readily accessible. It was a nice day south of La Push.

Long Beach and Astoria

 A view from the hill atop Astoria ,Oregon
 The Astor Column high above Astoria. The column has paintin s of the Lewis and Clarke Expedition. Double click for a better view of pictures.
 View to Youngs Bay from the column
 Jake the Alligator Man, in the case, at the free museum in Long Beach Washington.
Queenie at Long Beach. In my travels I have beeen to many places that have the claim of longest beach.