Saturday, January 24, 2009


Believe it or not! Today it was raining on the Central California Coast so I decided to take a trip north to San Simeon. Many may know that Hearst Castle is located in these parts but across the highway is the molting ground of the Sea Elephant. I have seen these creatures on television but a close up look in person gives a better understanding of there immense bulk. The males are huge and very territorial regarding their harem. The beach was full of these immense creatures

The babies are born with a black coat and shed it in about 3 months at which time they are on their own. Until the time they are weened they consume mothers milk that is 55% fat. Needless to say they bulk up quickly.

Fortunately, I was able to witness a turf war amongst two males. Unlike a mating duel this one was without bloodshed and the loser was simply driven into the ocean.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Great Wall of Gum?

Walking in SLO tonight and came across the the wall of gum. A local attraction featuring an alleyway between the two main streets in town where people have been placing chewing gum on the walls. Looks as though it has been happening for years!

One of the women in the picture asked me to email her the picture so she could show her students back in Keri Keri, New Zealand, the wall. Small world as Alison and I spent hurricane season two years ago very close to Keri Keri. We were in Opua.

I have been alive for another year and am pleased by that fact so I celebrated the coming year with a nice bottle of champers.

All the best


New Years

After work on New Years Eve I drove to Shell Beach and stopped to look at the ocean I stayed until the sun went down and enjoyed sitting on the bench and watching the beach scene.

I live in SLO but the drive to the beach is always a good one. Over the last five years I have seen the sun drop below the horizon more times than I can remember and I am always in awe of nature doing her thing.