Friday, March 23, 2012

Cayos Cochinos

In these parts when the trades lay down a bit cruisers start to move. While Larry was on the boat Iwanted to visit some of the offshore islands. Between Roatan and the coast of Honduras is a island group that has been designated a marine park. The coral and the island group were stunning. We were fortunate enough to be the only boat there for a couple of days.

 Plantation Resort
 LCB on mooring. Eight moorings are provided for visiting boats.
 LCB with Cayo Pequina and in far background the coast of Honduras
The Plantation Resort on Cayos Grande does scuba so I took the opportunity to do a one tank dive. Felt good to be back underwater as the last time I did a recreational dive was in Vanuatu on the Coolidge.

Not the best job as a cameraman. will try to improve. Gives a good over view of the area.

Monday, March 19, 2012

West End Roatan, Honduras

 Local Boat in West End, notice the hand sewn main of several fabrics
 Larry Johnson arrived from Washington State and we took a trip to Carombola Gardens. A beautiful horticultural preserve just down the road towards Coxin Hole.
 The paths through the jungle was lined with ginger and Halyconia

 Cruiser potluck aboard Jumbie, a Leopard 42 belonging to Tom and Kathy.
 Larry celebrating his 60th and my 58th. March 10 and 11. Pam helping out with the champers!
 West Bay Beach. Just around the point from West End is the torist/resort area.
West Bay

After a good sail that turned to a motor sail we arrived on the western most part of Roatan called West End. Beautiful area and the anchorage is a marine park where moorings are to be used. Good feeling after coming to a new country. We took the taxi to Coxens Hole and checked in with a three month visa that cost $20. A very good deal! The moorings are $100/month, $40/week or $10 / day. Quite reasonable.

Trip to Roatan, Honduras

 Just to support another cruiser saying" Cruising is doing boat repairs in Paradise."I am repairing the head sail after the top tape stitching rotted away from UV.
 A sunset from Hunting Cay
 Hunting Cay. We staged here for the over night to Roatan.
Lime Cay

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tom Owens Cay

After the delights of Placentia we were ready to head for Roatan in the Bay of Islands, Honduras. Moving East is waiting....waiting for a decent window of at least easterlies of less than 10 knots. Decided to go to far southern Belize and maybe get a slight angle on the wind.

 Approach to Tom Owens Cay
 Tile/mosaic work by Donna
 The other Cay at Tom Owens. Was originally the biggest of the two but a hurricane swept it away.
 Spiral stair and tile work
An overnight stop was Tom Owens Cay. Named after a British cartographer who mapped the Belize area. The water and the reef here were fantastic. We went ashore and what a surprise! A 78 year old woman named Donna has been rebuilding the island and buildings since the last hurricane blew through.  She is interested in tile and mosaics and has made the building a piece of artwork. They have sublet the island to a eco dive company and the island has some fantastic coral gardens.