Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Las Frailles to Bahia de Muertos

 Approaching the Baja Peninsula from the east, Frailles is the usual first stop for cruisers who sail from Mazatlán. If you motor you can make points further North but the best I have ever achieved just sailing is Los Frailles. Of course if you were to get a Southerly a more northerly point can be achieved. When you leave Mazatlán for Baja , early on it appears you can sil more Northerly but the four times I have made this trip as you close the coast the wind tends to blow more NW to West.
 Anchored in Frailles. The beach landing can be rough here as the Pacific swell reaches his far into the SEa of Cortez. As you go North the swell disappears.
 The beach at Los Muertos ,which is about 40 miles North of Los Frailles.
 Looking the other way on the beach.
The Gran Sueno Resort is in Los Frailles and is very friendly to cruisers. WIFI is good and the bar has a great train collection. Unfortunately those pictures of the resort are so blurry as to be useless. Cannot remember if drinking commenced before or after I started taking pictures.

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