Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Drive right by Avila on the way to where I am working until March 27. Bought tickets yesterday for trip back to Venezuela!!!!

Not a bad location for a work site. You can see and smell the ocean when ever you are outside. Helps keep me sane!

San Luis Bay

If you have ever sailed down the West Coast of the USA you have heard of Pt. Conception. Many call it the Cape Horn of N. America. Looking at the map it is the part of California where the land bends back to the East. Winds and waves in this area can reach enormous heights and velocity. As a matter of fact, The trip past here for Zafarse in 2004 was right up there with the worst we experienced.

Port San Luis, is the last fair anchorage before you hit the Point. I have included a picture of the anchorage for use of any yachties wanting to stop. Also the picture of Avila Beach is just off the anchorage and is a decent landing in most conditions. Even though an open road stead the Bay is fairly flat for about 95% of the time.

As you can see by the picture of Avila Beach, not hard to figure out why people like to live in California! Temperature on this day was 77 degrees F