Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 4th, Sausalito

 I think this is an ORAM 60. We see him roaring around the bay with a professional crew.
 This is on of the few surviving M Class Boats PURSUIT, built 1934. The sign say s This Boat is NOT for Sale. Same owner for 60 years!
 The parade route.
 Dorothy, the Grand Marshall
 The University of California Alumni Band (CAL)

 Live music
 sea nymphs
 Dog People
 Dude looks like a Lady
 Scomas, a tradition and very old building in this area.
 Queenie waiting for the Friday night concert series to begin. Every Friday free Jazz and Blues on the waterfront.

Santa Cruz, California

 After we left Monterey we decided to sail to Santa Cruz, which is just 20 miles across Monterey Bay. We dropped the anchor for the afternoon and planned to leave about 1900 for points North. The wind was predicted to lay down for the bash North.We took the afternoon to tour the boardwalk that has one of the old style wooden rollar coasters.
 Even though it was chilly a lot of people were at the beach.
 The river that flows through the town.
 Backside of the park.

Friday, July 19, 2013

San Francisco

 Approaching the Golden Gate. The short term end of our 4000 plus miles to get here. To say we were excited to stay settled for awhile is an understatement.
 Queenie was excited to sail/motor under the span.
 Our anchorage in Sausalito. As it is only a couple of miles to the race course i expect to spend some time here.
 Mark Gesley had us over for steak on the barbie up in the Oakland Hills. I have known Mark since high school. The picture below is Lake Merritt in Oakland.
 Our transport to and from Sausalito to the City. If you don not scope it out it can cost $10 each way. By buying a clipper card for $3 then charging it....cost becomes $4.75 each way. tip for travelers to City!
 Alcatraz with CG buoy tender at work.
 The outside of the Americas Cup Park. More to follow in a later post.
 Team New Zealand practicing on the bay.
 Inside of the historic electric trams that circle the Embarcadero.
 Market Street
Old Style Americas Cup 72. You can charter out and go out and watch the races and help sail the boat.

Monterey, California

 I spent the summer of 1973 on the Cutter Cape Wash in Monterey so a stop here was a must to see how things have changed.I also worked on the Monterey Plaza Hotel in the 1980s and was a charter member of the aquarium. The town has been cleaned up a lot and the Cannery Row section has really been developed. Not surprising considering the world class aquarium as an anchor.
 Tourist , Fishermans Wharf.
 Monterey was the original capitol of California when the Spanish controlled the are and there are still several buildings dating from that era.
 Sailing and racing are active here in the Monterey Bay.We were the only boat anchored out and every night they sailed around Le Chat Beaute.
 Would it be Monterey without the sea lions? The big male barks all night trying to keep his harem together. I was unable to get a picture of the Sea Otter that banged his oyster shell on my boat.We were sitting in the cockpit have the ritual sundowner when there was a pounding on the hull forward. I though someone had fallen overboard and needed help. When I went forward there was a sea otter bashing his oyster on my bottom paint. I yelled at him, he looked up and swam to the stern and started banging away again. I was so dumbfounded forgot to get a picture!
 The bay walk to Cannery Row. Also my running track.
 Cannery Row.
Placed throughout the area are these replicas of the labels on sardine cans. I thought it quite quaint.

Redondo Beach, California

 Do not normally think of Los Angeles as a good cruising stop..It is!The harbor patrol is super friendly and free anchorage in calm water for five days.

I was impressed with the extent of use the people in the area took to the water. The above picture is a SUP Yoga class. The sups are becoming a very popular item everywhere we have been. Now Yoga!
 This is a gondola you can rent for a romantic getaway in Redondo harbor. The owner was busy every night.
 The Redondo Beach Pier.Most coastal cities in this area all have piers.
 Every night there was outrigger training for all ages.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Catalina Island

 The town of Avalon on the island is built right up to the hill.
 As the community is very old there are some interesting styles of architecture.
 The Von's grocery store. It remains in the historical state.
 The harbor and the Tuna Club building.
 The casino. Built in 1928 the casino has a circular dance floor on the top floor with a 180 foot clearspan. The lower portion of the building contains a beautiful movie theater. The theater reminded me of going to the movies as a child. They give tours of the building everyday but Wednesday. We were there on Wednesday, so we went to the movies in order to see the interior.The interior is covered with artistic murals.
 The portico and entrance of the Casino. Casino means gathering place. No gambling ever took place here.
 View from the sea.
The mooring field. Prices are over the top at $34  per night.