Monday, January 23, 2012

Cay Caulker, Belize

Finally moved from Ambergris Cay. Have been at Cay Caulker for three days and very different from Ambergris. The motto here is Go Slo. Sand streets and lots of back packers. I find it a comfortable place to stay for a short while. We are anchored  to the West of the Cay in flat water. The trades are blowing so lots of free air con.

I normally do not hire boats to go diving or snorkeling, but as you cannot take a private vessel to the Hoh Chan Reserve we went with a local company. Sure glad I did as the reserve was the best snorkeling I can remember. The only downside is the lcd screen on my Olympus camera stopped working after taking some underwater videos. I was just bragging the durability the other day. Supposed to be good to 10 meters …oh well.

 The snorkeling here is as good as I have seen.
Main Street
Lazy Lizard at the North end of town. Great place to sit and watch the back packers sun bake.
 More fish at the Hoh Chan Reserve
The plan is to head for the Turneffe Atoll tomorrow but we will see how  the weather is shaping up.

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kidlet73 said...

Wonderful pics! Looks like a peaceful existence and very laid back.....way different from the so called "rat race" a lot of us live in