Monday, January 16, 2012

Isla update

Isla Mujeres turned out to be a longer stop than anticipated. My first reaction on going ashore to check into the country was feeling over whelmed because it was full on tourist. Happy to report after a day or two the place grows on you. The people are good natured and relaxed even though they are hustling to make a buck. As always , the paperwork to get into Mexico took most of a day to complete.

The refrigeration(110) went haywire on the way from Cuba so that was a problem I needed to sort. Sure glad I installed a Sea Frost 12v unit before I left Florida as a back up. It worked flawlessy on the refrigerator side. The freezer had no back up and it contained pork , chicken, beef and 8 lobster tails. Big eat was underway I can assure you.

I monkeyed with the refrigeration system for four days before finally giving in and calling in Virgillio. A true master at refrigeration. I had received gauges and help from other cruisers but was not able to bring the box down. Virgillio hooked up his gauges and five minutes later declared the compressor had a broken piston. He came out the next day with a danfoss exactly like the one that failed and I was up and running in four hours. Total cost including compressor and labor and materials was less than $360. An excellent deal. If in need of help He can be contacted by Marina Paraiso in Isla Mujeres.

 On the trip over to Cancun, musicos play for tips(propaina)
The reef is healthy in Isla Mujeres just behind the boat

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