Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stuck in Belize City

While in Cuba I noticed a nagging ache in my left side. Even went to a doctor in Mexico to get checked out and was determined to be a muscle strain/tear. Well, it continued to deteriorate. I went to the Belizean Health Partners and they determined I had a hernia. I opted for surgery as it was appearing to get worse daily. Had the operation a week ago Friday and am just moving about. So we have been stuck at the Cucumber Beach Marina in Belize City waiting for me to convalesce.

Spent yesterday at the Great House Inn in downtown and toured the old city. The bright spot in this country is to be found out on the reefs. While Belize City is ok, it is   not what I would call a destination. It is a great jumping off point to the reefs and the Mayan Temples.

I did amble about town and they have an interesting bridge spanning the Haulover Creek that dissects the downtown.It is an old swing bridge dating from early 1900s. They open it twice a day by hand! They undo the pins from the roadway then put handles in the center and four men walk around a capstan bar and open then close the bridge.

 Haulover Creek with the fishing fleet at anchor
 THe swing bridge over the creek
 Different view of the fishing fleet
 The Bridge

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