Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ambergris Cay, Belize

Finally left Isla and heading for Belize. The weather has not been cooperating. Plan was to sail to Cozumel, an island off the Yucatan, but the current was an adverse 5 knots so we were struggling with about 3.5-4 over ground. Checked the charts and Peurto Moralos was about 10 miles due West so we made the move. Nice anchorage well within a fringing reef.

We left the next day for Cozumel and arrived  about 1300. Needed to stop here so we could clear out of Mexico and get our Zarpe. Cozumel had four cruise ships there when we pulled in and more on the way! Next morning we traveled around town looking for some electrical parts. The switch for  the propane solenoid on the fritz. The waterfront is a mad house with diamond shops and other cruise ship stores of no real interest to a cruiser. We wandered the back blocks and found a great local shop with cold beer and great tacos. After four hours doing the paperwork dance we were cleared out of Mexico.

We sailed early the next day and arrived at the Chinchorro Bank about 1400. Chinchorro is the only atoll in Mexico and a natural reserve. The Navy came out and boarded us during sun downers. They were just making sure our paper work was in order and we were not smuggling, I guess.

 Storming in the anchorage. We had 20-30 knots for three days
 Finally the sun!
 San Pedro from the boat
 Downtown San Pedro. Golf carts are the common means of travel
 Le Chat Beaute at anchor.

Off early the next day, 0200, we used our entrance track through the reef and followed it out. San Pedro Cut through the reef in Belize sounded tricky in the guide book so wanted a high sun entry. Calm day so mostly a motor sail. When we arrived at the waypoint it was not evident where the edges of the reef were. Normally with the trades blowing , waves break on the reef and the opening is easy to spot. NOT TODAY! After a few moments another cruiser anchored inside gave us some additional info and we motored into anchor into 6 feet of crystalline water.

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