Saturday, October 3, 2009

SSCA , Annapolis GAM

I joined the SSCA(Seven Seas Cruising Assoc) awhile back and was able to attend their annual get together in the area. A Gam is a get together where sailors share ideas and info. It hark ens back to the days of tall ships and whaling boats. Crews would meet on the high seas and heave to and get together and talk about where the whales were and other pertinent information. Pass on packages or letters or anything the inbound vessels could carry.

At this GAM there were speakers discussing SSB installs and Safety at Sea and of interest to all cruisers , good discussion of weather and tactics.

I was very pleased to meet Margaret Roth. She and her husband,Hal, were one of the first cruising couples and did a number of circumnavigations and cruising in the 70s. Hal is deceased but Margaret is going strong. She was selling and signing books the couple had produced over the years. One of the first cruising books I ever read was their book After 50,000 miles.

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