Friday, October 16, 2009

Boat Show!!!!

One of my major reason for hanging around Annapolis was to attend the US Boat Show. The largest in the water show in the world. It is indeed impressive what was accomplished in a few days to set up this event. Annapolis harbor is an alley in to the downtown area. It is commonly called "ego alley" as it is not uncommon for power boats with big engines to come in and turn around in the basin. Most of these boats are super expensive and usually support a bevy of attractive young women in bathing attire.

For the show, this area is closed off and docks are purpose built around sailboats for the displays. The amount of dock space built is impressive and accomplished in a short period of 2 days. The show itself has every imaginable vendor regarding boats there is. There were even vendors from New Zealand and Australia.

My new purchase from the show was a Sailrite sewing machine and canvas tools.

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