Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saint Michaels, Maryland

As I arrived a week early for the boat show it was getting to be a bit slow hanging out in Spa Creek. Decided to cross the Bay to the Eastern Shore and visit the town of St. Michaels. It is an easy 5 hour sail in the right conditions.

The town was easy on yachties as the grocery store and the entire town is within walking distance of the dinghy dock. Very picturesque and friendly stop.

Originally a oyster community and home to a great many skipjacks, the boats are mostly tourist rides but a number still rack for oysters. None of the skipjacks have motors as the law only allows harvesting without the use of power. So the boats have these 8-10 ft tug boats with small diesels that push them in and out of the dock and out to the oyster grounds if there is no wind. Once at the beds the tug is shut down and all work done under sail.

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