Saturday, October 3, 2009

Leaving Norfolk

Passing thru Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake Virginia was an eye opener for this sailor. I have never seen so many factories or ships in all of my travels. This includes Singapore. Have since been told Norfolk is the largest Naval Base in the World. I can believe it! Saw a lot of light carriers and cruisers.

To go from the ICW to the Chesapeake is about a 20 mile trip, fortunately for me I hit the tide spot on and made good time. I did not plan this! I travelled just outside the green buoys in 50 ft of water. Have not seen that much water in a long time. Still because of the heightened security along the Naval Bases I needed to hug the bouys closely or the patrol boats would do the finger wagging thing.

At one point when I was being over taken by a freighter I moved far right and instantly the PBRs raced out to intercept but they soon figured out I had to move in close to their perimeter or be run over.

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