Thursday, October 9, 2014

Drakes Bay

 After two days at sea since leaving Crescent City we were looking forward to Sausalito and the San Francisco Bay. Was not to be as the tide was wrong at the Gate. Full moon time and the max flood approaches 5 knots, so we decided to stop at Drakes Bay near Pt Reyes and spend the day and leave for SF in the morning, with the tide. We were in the fog for 30 plus hours so nice to see land and a little clearing.
Having the new radar and the AIS in the fog was a real help reducing skippers anxiety levels.

The standard welcoming committee was present during our approach to the bay.

 Double click and enlarge to see the elephant seal beach. They bellowed most of the day
and night.
 panorama of Drakes Bay
Couple we met on the trip down the coast from Canada. Gary and Karina of Sea Rover II.

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