Friday, October 3, 2014

Crescent City, California

Shortly after clearing the Umpqua bar we were sailing nicely in moderate seas at 5 knots. It was a beautiful Oregon Fall day. By the first dog watch the wind was blowing 20-25 and we were doing 8-9 knots. The gribs called for even more wind into the night so we shortened sail and still maintained 8-9 knots.

While underway my watches are the 1800-2200 and 0200-0600. So I get four hours sleep if all goes well. Before hitting the rack at 2200 I lowered the main and rolled in all but a handkerchief on the head stay. We were still doing 8.5 knots directly down wind. Prior to that we were doing a consistent 10 knots but the ride was a bit wild.

My wind instrument is defective so I estimated the wind to be 20-25 as it was dark it was  hard to see the sea state. When we got to Crescent City the boat in front of us told us they recorded 33 knots sustained.
 After crossing the Oregon border , heading South you have to  go around Point St. George. The reef in front of the Point stretches for miles and lots of sailors met their end on this reef. Tough stretch of water.
 Crescent City Lighthouse.
 The marina was wiped out by the tsunami generated by the Fukishima earthquake and the port of Crescent City has just rebuilt with the latest and greatest in docks designed to withstand another tsunami. Notice how close together the pilings are and they are made out of schedule 120 plastic with Teflon slides.

Sunset view of light house from the marina.

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