Monday, August 25, 2014

Princess Louisa Inlet, BC

When cruising, a lot of places receive a lot of hype and rarely meet the expectations. Happy to report Princess Louisa exceeds expectations. The trip involves going through Jervis Inlet to Malibu Rapids, about 40 miles. The wind was blowing(in the right direction) and we were good with the tide so the trip was entirely under sail. Very rare since leaving Panama over a year ago.We actually slowed the boat down so we could hit Malibu at slack water.

Malibu Rapids is the entrance to Princess Louisa Inlet and the current at max ebb can exceed 8 knots, so planning is important in a sail boat. Although less than a quarter mile in length the rapids have a dog leg and at slack low are narrow. Much better on the flood if able to do so.After  the rapids it is just 5 miles to the Falls.
 Jervis Inlet
 Jervis Inlet

Le Chat Beaute anchored in front of Chatter Box Falls.

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