Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nanaimo/Newcastle Island

After traveling from Princess Louisa we decided to drop our guests off in Nanaimo and let them catch the ferry back to Vancouver. The anchorage is off Newcastle Island. Lots of boats but plenty of room. You can also stay at the dock for $12 if you are less than 34 feet.. I t is wonderful to be on Newcastle and Nanaimo is only 5 minutes away by dinghy.
 One of the beautiful old buildings in Nanaimo.
 Original bastion in town center
 On Newcastle and freighter waiting to go into Nanaimo.

 Nanaimo in distance.
 The view while running the trails on Newcastle.

 The anchorage with floats in foreground.
 Newcastle was famous for its coal and high quality sandstone. Here we see the rollers used in the manufacture of pulp for paper.
 Old sandstone cutting machine
 Jill and Ray"s ferry to Vancouver.
 These bras on the pole are a tribute to the female dragon boat teams.
One of the trails on Newcastle Island.

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