Friday, July 19, 2013

Monterey, California

 I spent the summer of 1973 on the Cutter Cape Wash in Monterey so a stop here was a must to see how things have changed.I also worked on the Monterey Plaza Hotel in the 1980s and was a charter member of the aquarium. The town has been cleaned up a lot and the Cannery Row section has really been developed. Not surprising considering the world class aquarium as an anchor.
 Tourist , Fishermans Wharf.
 Monterey was the original capitol of California when the Spanish controlled the are and there are still several buildings dating from that era.
 Sailing and racing are active here in the Monterey Bay.We were the only boat anchored out and every night they sailed around Le Chat Beaute.
 Would it be Monterey without the sea lions? The big male barks all night trying to keep his harem together. I was unable to get a picture of the Sea Otter that banged his oyster shell on my boat.We were sitting in the cockpit have the ritual sundowner when there was a pounding on the hull forward. I though someone had fallen overboard and needed help. When I went forward there was a sea otter bashing his oyster on my bottom paint. I yelled at him, he looked up and swam to the stern and started banging away again. I was so dumbfounded forgot to get a picture!
 The bay walk to Cannery Row. Also my running track.
 Cannery Row.
Placed throughout the area are these replicas of the labels on sardine cans. I thought it quite quaint.

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