Saturday, July 6, 2013

Catalina Island

 The town of Avalon on the island is built right up to the hill.
 As the community is very old there are some interesting styles of architecture.
 The Von's grocery store. It remains in the historical state.
 The harbor and the Tuna Club building.
 The casino. Built in 1928 the casino has a circular dance floor on the top floor with a 180 foot clearspan. The lower portion of the building contains a beautiful movie theater. The theater reminded me of going to the movies as a child. They give tours of the building everyday but Wednesday. We were there on Wednesday, so we went to the movies in order to see the interior.The interior is covered with artistic murals.
 The portico and entrance of the Casino. Casino means gathering place. No gambling ever took place here.
 View from the sea.
The mooring field. Prices are over the top at $34  per night.

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