Monday, March 11, 2013

San Andres

 While waiting for a weather window to the San Blas aka Kuna Yala we decide to stage at this little island in the channel to San Andres. San Andres has been a good stop. Interesting to watch another culture do the Hawaii type vacation thing. San Andres is an island off the coast of Nicaragua that belongs to Columbia.
 Allen of the sailing cat Nauti Nauti waiting for our agent to clear us into the port. An agent is required in San Andres.
 San Andres.
 On the island the touristas come out and play with the rays. The rays show up everyday at 1600. I did notice any feeding to entice the rays.
 This may be my next method of entertainment. KITE BOARDING! San Andres is a mecca for the sport as the waters are reef protected and always an onshore breeze.

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