Friday, March 22, 2013

Panama Canal Transit

Allen and Patricia, our good friends from the Cat Nauti Nauti, helped as line handlers for our transit.

Shelter Bay Marina. We were measured and did our prep here.

Plenty of traffic getting to the Gatun Locks.

Closing the Lock

Shelter Bay was a peaceful place. Under US control it was Fort Stewart and was a lush jungle enviroment.

The Centanario Bridge. This is just before the Pedro Miguel Locks. From the Atlantic, the first locks are the Gatun. We spent the night in Lake Gatun then at 0630 headed across the the lake 28 miles to the Pedro Miguel Locks. After crossing Lake Miraflores we entered the two Miraflores Locks and were in the Pacific.

This tour boat down locked with us into the Pacific. She appears to be built in the 1920s.

The Miraflores Museum overlooks the locks and we were the show for the day. The railing was lined with people.

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