Monday, March 5, 2012

Tom Owens Cay

After the delights of Placentia we were ready to head for Roatan in the Bay of Islands, Honduras. Moving East is waiting....waiting for a decent window of at least easterlies of less than 10 knots. Decided to go to far southern Belize and maybe get a slight angle on the wind.

 Approach to Tom Owens Cay
 Tile/mosaic work by Donna
 The other Cay at Tom Owens. Was originally the biggest of the two but a hurricane swept it away.
 Spiral stair and tile work
An overnight stop was Tom Owens Cay. Named after a British cartographer who mapped the Belize area. The water and the reef here were fantastic. We went ashore and what a surprise! A 78 year old woman named Donna has been rebuilding the island and buildings since the last hurricane blew through.  She is interested in tile and mosaics and has made the building a piece of artwork. They have sublet the island to a eco dive company and the island has some fantastic coral gardens.

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