Friday, March 23, 2012

Cayos Cochinos

In these parts when the trades lay down a bit cruisers start to move. While Larry was on the boat Iwanted to visit some of the offshore islands. Between Roatan and the coast of Honduras is a island group that has been designated a marine park. The coral and the island group were stunning. We were fortunate enough to be the only boat there for a couple of days.

 Plantation Resort
 LCB on mooring. Eight moorings are provided for visiting boats.
 LCB with Cayo Pequina and in far background the coast of Honduras
The Plantation Resort on Cayos Grande does scuba so I took the opportunity to do a one tank dive. Felt good to be back underwater as the last time I did a recreational dive was in Vanuatu on the Coolidge.

Not the best job as a cameraman. will try to improve. Gives a good over view of the area.


kidlet73 said...

Beautiful pictures, they really

convey how remote these islands

are and LCB looks quite small at

a distance and dwarfed by the

majestic islands!! It must be an

amazing experience :-)

Abella Ivan said...

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Cayos Cochinos