Sunday, December 19, 2010

Florida wetlands

The Nature Coast of Florida continues to surprise me with its diversity and beauty. Being from the West Coast I tend to associate natural beauty with mountains and forests. In Florida I have not seen anything that approaches a hill and the forests I have seen, seem to be planted.

This last week I met some locals and they took me for a ride on a pontoon boat out into the wetlands. Huge amount of birds and even though the temperature has been abnormally low I did sight a manatee and an alligator.

View across the water to the power plant where I am currently employed.
 View from my room to Kings Bay
 The Crystal River at the archeology site
 The midden, exposed after the midden was opened for fill.
 Viewing platform above the midden.
 Downriver view of Crystal River
 Out to the wetlands!
We also went to an archeological site of the local aboriginal inhabitants. The local population had disappeared long before the Spanish arrived in the New World. They left behind middens and burial mounds.Last time I even heard the word midden was when in Australia. The State of Florida was donated the site decades ago shortly after it was discovered the midden was being dug up and used for fill! The multi acre site is now preserved and gives insight to the trading and travels of the original inhabitants.

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