Saturday, December 4, 2010

Change of Plans

I arrived back in St Thomas ans was settling in for a comfortable time until my next adventure when I received a call from a past employer. They made an offer I could not refuse........So I am in Crystal River, Florida. Working at CR3. A nuclear plant on the Nature Coast of West Florida.

 I am living in Crystal River and am quite pleased with the environment. Took a walk around the bay today and as I was taking a picture a manatee surfaced at my feet. Sorry, I was too slow to get its picture but will try my best on my day off. I will be working 13 hours/ day six days a week on the night shift.
 The bay from the motel dock
 Tree with the Spanish Moss in the front yard by the swimming pool that is filled by the tide
 Another view of the swimming pool

The streets near the motel. All the trees are covered with the moss

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