Friday, August 6, 2010

Clifton, Union Island, The Grenadines

Clifton on Union is a quaint town with a good and reasonably priced fruit and veg market. The selection is first rate as well. I purchased passion fruit, paw paw, mangoes, tomatoes, potatoes and sour sop.Looking at the picture you can see Petite St Vincent in the background. The harbor is surrounded by a reef so makes for a vary comfortable anchorage. The fact that the Tabago Cays are about an hour away is attractive as well

.If you click the photo it will enlarge and a small building is visible out on the reef. A number of years a go a Union Island Man took a lot of used conch shells and built a foundation on the reef for a bar. Sandpipers Tom and Amy mentioned this when they passed thru a couple of years ago.The owner has finished off the foundation with concrete overlay and the bar is quite up market for the area. An ingenious use of conch shells that seem to be everywhere.

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